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In order to be successful in European transport markets, we unconditionally have to offer high quality services confirmed by ISO certification. Therefore, we decided to implement European Standards of ČSN EN ISO 9001:2016 to our methods and procedures. Now we can assure that your choice to select us as your transport partner is right.

We are currently a holder of GMP B4.1 certificate. This standard applies to road transportation related to certain types of goods (feedstuff, components for its production etc.). Its aim is to guarantee that the goods are not exposed to any kind of negative influences during the transport. Also basic qualitative parameters of the goods must not be changed, of course.

HACCP certificate "Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points" shows that our system of quality management and health safety of our food were certified as satisfactory ones. We can guarantee to the address of our customers that our way of product's transport is hygienic and safe.

Our company is insured in Česká pojišťovna (Czech insurance bank):

  • for cases of liability for damage to other person's property arising from transportation  contracts
  • for liability for damage to cargo shipments according to CMR Agreement

The insurance has been agreed for the amount of 70.000.000,– CZK in relation with transports provided by own vehicles, and for the amount of 9.000.000,– CZK in relation to transports provided by contractual partners.

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