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We provide our transportation partners with fuel, oils, tyres, use of service garage for tyre repairs and many other services which may help them. Selected flexibility of goods' taking and supplies allows our transportation partners to purchase in nation-wide service network, refill fuel at 320 locations in the Czech Republic but also have the goods transported directly to a selected place.

Sale and lease of semitrailers - we offer brand new vehicles to immediate sales. 

Leave us your old trailer in return and take a new one. Should you do not have an appropriate trailer available right now, you can use our service of trailer lease. We belong to leaders on the market, so we can guarantee you lease of high quality and reliable trailers including full service. 

Trailer rental service includes:

  • all-year complete and high quality utilization  of leased trailer with loads of corresponding goods
  • absolute insurance security - accidental, mechanical, mandatory, legal insurance
  • fiscal responsibility - road tax
  • ensuring continuous operation of the machine - usual wear and tear tyres and brakes
  • preferential right of purchase and professional responsibility
  • ensuring well-timed payments
  • maturity and reliability of administration
  • support for purchasing - leasing and loan payment calendar arrangement

Sales of fuels and oils

We are providing fuelling cards, that you can tank with all over the  territory of the Czech Republic
Tank DIESEL FUEL in our premises at the LogisticPark ZDEMAR in Chabařovice, close to the D8 highway - exit 74. WE ARE NOT a standard oil pump station, WE ARE transporters paying attention to the fuel quality. And we can offer you this quality as well.
We are providing fuelling cards, that you can tank with all over the  territory of the Czech Republic

  • Accepting VISA and MasterCard payment cards a standing automated teller (ATM)
  • NON-STOP sale
  • More power, lower consumption
  • Potential for a long-term storage, free of degradation risks
  • Additional sale – oils and greases ENI (Agip) and TEXACO, screen wash water
  • AD Blue tanking for contractual partners possible

Oils, Lubricants and Additive Chemistry

New feature included into our offer are high-quality ENI (Agip) and TEXACO oils for highly competitive prices. Greases APPROVED by automobile producers, while majority of the greases’ producers only “MEET REQUIREMENTS” and that’s an important difference. When choosing oil for your vehicle, please, take this fact into account. In the event of buying oil from us, we offer a discount for labour costs, when changing it in our car repair shop.

Services the transporters may take advantage of by us

Gas station next to D8 in ZDEMAR premises
Diesel filling station next to D8 in ZDEMAR premises
Standing automated teller (ATM) for pumping
Repairs in our car repair shop
Trucks’ welding
Repair of passenger cars in the ZDEMAR car repair shop
Car service
Tire service
Tire service
Moving floor of truck trailer after a full repair
Moving floor of truck trailer after a full repair
Damaged moving floor
Damaged moving floor
Service vehicle intervention
Service vehicle intervention
Service vehicle intervention

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