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We have our own vehicle fleet of 40 towing VOLVO vehicles. We also own a number of trailer equipment machines, e.g. Fliegl, Schwarzmüller, STAS and Noteboom, with which we can arrange transport of almost any kind of material or goods according to customer's wish. All of our tractor units comply with the EURO 5 and EURO 6 emission standards to minimize the negative impact on the environment.
Our towing trucks are ideal for use in long-distance transportation of heavy loads. All the trucks are equipped with an advanced GPS navigation system. There is also another advantage - satellite monitoring system of GPS. Thanks to this device, we have constant overview of our vehicles within all the European territory. We are whenever able to provide our customers with information of where their transport is right now without waiting for reply given by the driver.

Types of trailers we use:

  • trailers with rear tipping
  • trailers with movable floor - Walking Floor
  • trailers for transport of ferrous and non-ferrous metals - Hardox
  • food tank trunks
  • bathtub steel beds

Our trucks for national and international transportation

Trailer with tipper semi-trailer
Truck with tarpaulin trailer
Zdemar Fleet
New DAF trucks
Tank steel bodies
New Volvo trucks
Hardox semitrailers
Semitrailers with sliding floor

Transported materials:


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