Upravit stránku

We have been providing transport-forwarding services for 20 years.

We can satisfy all requirements of our customers in the field of logistics and transport. We provide customized transportation - according to wishes and possibilities of clients. During our existence, we have already built a very strong position on the market with a wide choice of services. When transporting goods in the EU as well as non-EU countries, we guarantee quality service in accordance with international Standards of ISO 9001:2009.

We currently transport materials for:

  • Bulk material transport

    The largest dispatch centre in the Czech Republic, which deals with transportation of bulk commodities, waits for satisfying your transportation needs. We offer professionalism, qualification, experience and good team of sales-involved people. We are specialists in bulk commodities transportation.

    Most commonly transported items:

    • cereals, feedstuff, road salt, waste materials, building industry materials, soil materials, coal, solid fuel, agricultural commodities
  • Pallet goods transport

    We arrange transports not only within EU countries but also in countries of Eastern and South-eastern Europe. We are specialized on full-truck transportation, not transporting single pallets, but only pallet goods, which can fill the entire truck.

    Overview of Goods We Most Commonly Transport:

    • building industry materials, equipment for office interiors, food, green pellets, drinks, fertilizers, office aids, coal.
  • ADR transport and waste transport

    As one of few transportation companies, we own authorization to export the ADR and waste materials out of the Czech Republic to selected countries of Europe. We own German, Italian and Dutch certificates for an indefinite period of time.

    We transport various types of waste material, e.g.:

    • contaminated soil, worn textile waste material, waste material from metallurgical industry, cafillery, glass waste material, paper, plastic material, municipal waste material. 

    Further information can be found at our website www.preprava-odpadu.cz.

  • Fluid material transport

    We deal with both inland and international transports of liquid material. As for the international one, we can arrange transports within all European territory. We transport all the liquid materials in tank vehicles which meet all European Standards. The tank vehicles have 1 to 3 chamber tanks fitted with thermal insulation.

    Most of the time, we transport the following liquid cargo:

    • fruit extracts, vegetable oils, milk, wine, beer, methyl ester, fertilizers.
We properly choose an appropriate transport vehicle for each transport event. When choosing them, we follow several significant criteria:
  • type of material
  • specific weight
  • way of loading
  • way of discharge
  • height limits during loading and discharge
  • other specific requirements

We will transport agricultural commodities, construction materials, waste, scrap metals and cargo on pallets for you

Truck transportation of debris
Grains transportation
Grains transportation
Grains transportation
Grains transportation
Grains transportation
Transport of glass sand
Coal transport
Loading of a hardox truck by scrap metals
Loading of a hardox truck by scrap metals
Loading of a pallet goods
Loading of a pallet goods

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